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The Passion Competition is no longer

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The Passion Competition is no longer

Post by Admin » Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:04 pm

After 10 years and many great videos it is time to shut the Passion Competition down and move forward.

We started in 2007 on the Lionhead Studios (creators of The Movies) forums as a fun little project with virtually no real prizes. We then moved to the TMOA/TMUnderground forums and had limited success for a few years. Thinking the competition would catch on and take off to be one of the best places for hobbyists and potential film makers to showcase their talents we created our own website and forums. Once again we had limited success.

After starting out with VCs (virtual credits) that could be used to purchase assets from Lionhead for The Movies and the winning videos getting a highlight spot on their main page, when the first one was over, people asked if there was going to be another. With Lionhead no longer supporting their software, The Movies, it didn't look like there was going to be much of a chance for that. 2009 saw the competition reborn in a new location, the TMOA/TMUnderground forums. The administrator of the site, Ken White, aka Kuroken, agreed to let us have a spot on his site and eventually became one of our biggest promoters. Ken let us come onto the Sunday radio show with him, Roger and Monk to talk about the contest and try to get people to submit their videos. The prizes were small, $150 total for the top 3 films. A suggestion was made to try to get some of the software companies to come on board and provide their software as prizes. With a lot of hard work and many, many emails and phone calls we were able to get 3 corporate sponsors, Reallusion, Sony Software and Moviestorm. At one point we were allowed to give away over $3500 in software as prizes.

Several people asked if we would add a category for short stories or scripts. Hey, good idea. We managed to get Scrivener as a sponsor and then Final Draft. We hit a snag though, not enough people wanted to submit their writings. That idea became a complete failure.

Once we obtained our own website and had some really good sponsors we thought the sky was the limit and more and more people would join in and showcase their talents. Alas this was not to be. We were never able to get more than 32 entries and some people were only submitting to get the prize packages larger. As advertising expanded to include several forms of social media, getting the word out to those in Second Life and even in the script and screenwriters forums and websites, it seemed the less interest was shown. Our last contest only had 2 script entries and 9 videos. Needless to say we were disappointed but our sponsors were even more so. One made it clear they would not entertain any future sponsorships. Another said the only way they would even consider our proposals was to get more that 5000 followers on YouTube with a daily hit count of 500 or more and a minimum of 5-10,000 followers on Twitter. Others had already cut back their willingness to provide high level prizes until we could show people actually wanted to be part of our experience.

We tried changing the theme every year with what we thought would be interesting and pretty open possibility story lines. We tried making prize packages that had bigger and better prizes as the number of entries increased. Needless to say we had to return many prizes since the number of entries did not meet the package requirements. We also tried a couple mini contests that were short and fairly easy to fill the time between main contests. Once again, limited participation.

What this means is after many hours of thought and discussion it has been decided to shut down the Passion Competition in it's current form. Part of the reason is the limited participation but also the disappointment of being told by those interested they would enter videos and then we never see anything from them. That was the reason we stopped the writing category. The ones who pushed the most for us to add it never entered and for a few even disappeared form the forums and discussions.

We will hold mini contests along the way, mainly geared towards specific styles and engines with small cash prizes. The website will remain for a while to provide a place where people can read our story and get links to other sites but will probably come down in the future. Our Facebook group will also be closed in the future since the discussion level and participation in events has been meager at best.

Once again we wish to thank all those who have helped us along the way, including sponsors, Joseph Kwong and Peaches Chrenko (who did our video adverts) and Ken White for giving us air time and a place to restart our contest after Lionhead shut down. Thank you to all who took the time to enter the contests over the years.

The main competition may return in a different form in the future but until such a time, please take the time to enjoy our mini contests as they come up.

Craig 'harb40' Harbison
Creator of the Passion Competition


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