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Competition FAQS

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Competition FAQS

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Competition FAQS

Please read these FAQS before posting questions in the other sections of the forums. We will try to cover everything you need to know that has been questioned in previous competitions here.

Questions Posed During Previous Contests:

Question: Can I submit a film that is older or must it be a new film?

Answer: The film can be one you just made for this competition or is no older than the last competition (generally 1 year). The only exception; A film can only be submitted for the competition once. In other words, if the films was submitted in 2010, it cannot be submitted for this competition again.

Question: How many films can I submit?

Answer: You can submit up to 2 films but only 1 film can win an award. Only 1 prize package per person/studio is allowed.

Question: What medium am I allowed to use?

Answer: You can use any form you like. You can use programs such as The Movies, The Sims, Moviestorm, iClone, CrazyTalk, CrazyTalk Animator, Anime Studios, Manga Studios, Poser/Daz and others. You may also submit using platforms such as Second Life or Virtual Worlds. Stop motion animation and live action films are also allowed.

Question: Can I submit a multi-part film?

Answer: Yes, with some restrictions. We classify a multi-part film as one that has been split into several smaller films either for the purpose of size limitations (on the hosting sites) or due to length. If the film is of the likes of the Star Wars or Indiana Jones sagas, where each part is it's own film, then those are classified as individual films. Multi-part films must be entered as a whole film (all parts submitted together as one entry).

Question:Are there any time limts on film length?

Answer: No. Originally a time limt was set but that discouraged entries. Although there is no time limit anymore, films shorter than 5 minutes and longer than 30 minutes are not encouraged. Films have been as long as 50 minutes in the past. They are accepted but just remember, each film is watched in it's entirety by each of the judges, so if 30 films are entered all of which are 45-90 minutes in length, this can add to the time it takes for the judges to complete their scoring and submit their decisions.

Question: What are the restrictions on nudity and language?

Answer: Due to the fact that this competition is open to all ages, excessive nudity and harsh language is frowned upon. Brief nudity, occassional foul language and suggestive dialog is permitted but should not be abused. **Occassional means just that, not once every 30 seconds.** A warning, either at the start of the film or on the page the film is uploaded to, must state that nudity or language is present if there is any.

Question:Can I enter a film in a language other than English?

Answer: Films of all languages are accpeted but if the film is not in English, English subtitles are required.

Question: Where can I upload my film for submission?

Answer: Films can be uploaded anywhere you desire (YouTube, Vimeo, VEOH, your personal site, etc.). Places like TMUnderground are also accepted but they may require membership in order to view a film (If a members page contains any film that is considered to have a mature rating or is classified as adults only, the member's whole page may be restricted). Check to make sure the site you are uploading to is accessable to non-members.

Question: Do the rules for the films, i.e language, description of nudity and sex and number of submissions, apply to the written works?

Answer: For the most part, yes. Since written words are different than visual images, more flexibility can be given. Foul language should be limited just as in the film rules. The length of the story is limited. All stories submitted must be in English.

New starting in 2013

Question: Will the sponsors ever contact me even if my entry is not one of the award winners?

Answer: It is possible. Some sponsors have asked to have members of this group be put on their mailing lists. This means that they can contact you with ads promoting their products. If you do not want to be put on the sponsors mailing lists, you can opt-out by emailing the Administrator at Admin@harb40passioncompetition.com and putting opt-out in the subject line.

Remember, in order to enter you must register. Registration is free and easy but each request must be manually verified so it could a couple days to be approved.


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