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Registration process

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:52 am
by Admin

We wanted to make this board a free and easy to use experience with simple registration. Even though we have implemented certain security procedures during the registration process, we are still getting hit with spammers. For that reason, all registration approvals will now go through the administrative staff for approval. Hopefully there will be no delays in your being able to post on the boards.

With that said, since an admin must approve the registration request, it could be several hours or up to 2 days before you are cleared to post. Please keep this in mind in case you decide to register near the submission deadline date. It is always favorable to register in advance.

.ru addresses will automatically be deleted.

Remember, in order to enter you must register. Registration is free and easy but each request must be manually verified so it could a couple days to be approved.

Thank You.