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New Short Story Category

Information, rules and submission point for the 2013 competition

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New Short Story Category

Post by Admin » Sat May 11, 2013 2:48 pm

I was thinking one day (yes, I know, he can actually do that?) and wondered what would happen if instead of having everyone submit a film to show their idea of the theme, why not have people submit a short story that does the same thing. Actually, this was posed to me by a couple people. Many films are based on stories that have been written previously. Good examples are Gone with the Wind, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Altered States, At the Earth's Core (Journey to the Center of the Earth), The Space Vampires (Lifeforce) and others.

Even some short stories have became movies. The Fly, The Gift of Cochise (Hondo), It Had to Be Murder (Rear Window), Leiningen Versus the Ants (The Naked Jungle) and more.

With that idea in mind, I decided that I would put the thought out there to see what kind of response I would get. After contacting numerous authors (some involved in machinima and animation) and screenwriters, it was determined that adding a short story category was the way to go. Some of the feedback I got also showed that many people did not know about machinima or how animation could be used to help sell their stories.

So, after contacting some companies who make writing programs and some animation software companies, the category became reality. Now, writers will be able to submit their stories to a panel and the top stories would receive the writing software and an animation program that they can use to either turn their story into a short film or use the program to help layout their thoughts in storyboard fashion or even just lay out some scenes and take pictures of them to help illustrate their story.

The stories will be required to follow the same theme as the films but will have a few different rules and guidelines as far as how they are submitted, what they can contain and other things. One thing is positive though, all stories will have to be written in English and be attached to their entry posting in the form of either a .txt file or a .doc file. What will probably be best though is submitting a .pdf file.

Further information will be given as the time to start the competition nears.


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